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Club Weekly News
Mar 3 2022

💡 This week’s newsletter will highlight:
“ 5 Tips for Successful Career Fair Networking ” !

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Ted Chiang: “ChatGPT Is a Blurry JPEG of the Web”

The science-fiction writer Ted Chiang made a prediction about ChatGPT: when assembling the vast amount of text used to train GPT-4, the people at OpenAI will have made every effort to exclude material generated by ChatGPT or any other large-language model. (Chiang, 2023)


World's First Robot Lawyer Will Be in Court Soon

In January, DoNotPay, an artificial intelligence (AI) legal services company that claims to be the world's first 'robot lawyer', made headlines. Its founder Joshua Browder tweeted an offer of $l million for any lawyer who would argue a case in front of the US Supreme Court verbatim from its legal chatbot basedon ChatGPT. (Gotety, 2023)


Google Stock Dropped by Nearly 8% After Bard Ad Shows Inaccurate Answer

Google's parent company Alphabet published a new ad for its Bard artificial intelligence on Feb 6. In the advertisement, Bard is prompted with the question, "What new discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope can I tell my 9-year old about?" Bard quickly rattles off two correct answers. But its final response was inaccurate. (Miller, 2023)

Newsletter part 2 highlight:
Tips for Successful
Career Fair Networking


Network, don’t interview

  • Introduce yourself to this person, tell them about your background, and, most importantly, get their contact information.

  • Hiring is like building a house; it starts with a strong foundation.

  • Follow up with a call or email with your information, and tell why you would like to be considered for their opening.


Be prepared

Make sure you are well dressed, have plenty of copies of your resume, and are ready with a quick pitch of who you are and what you do.


Do your research

  • Find the companies that will be attending an research them.

  • Go to their careers page on their company website and find out which companies are hiring in your field.


Be selective

  • Don’t be afraid to walk away, realizing you aren’t a fit for that company.

  • Be comfortable acknowledging when you are not a fit, thanking the person for their time, and walking away.


Stand out

Whether that is dressing nicer than the standard dress code asks for or highlighting career honors and awards before your resume.

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