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Club Weekly News
Feb 16 2022

💡 This week’s newsletter will highlight:
“ Lay-Off ” !

                                               Check Out the News!

Newsletter part 2 :

More about Lay-Off


Why are Tech Companies Laying Off so Many People?

  • Economic uncertainty (external factors) and poor performance (internal factors)

  • Shrinking advertising budgets and the cryptocurrency market's implosion are factors that may have influenced the decision to cut headcounts.

  • At face value, widespread layoffs in the tech sector might appear to be a bad omen for the wider economy.

  • Thankfully, payroll and wage data from the U.S. government have exceeded expectations, and the country’s unemployment rate is close to a half-century low.


What Do These Job Cuts Mean for the Economy?


So, why the disconnect?

  • Tech jobs only account for less than 3% of total employment in America. As well, tech workers who’ve lost their jobs are likely to secure new jobs in short order.

Want a real story?

Check out the video below and listen to what Alex said!

Video Interview:

Reach out to industry Professionals

Interview with Alex -- Software Engineer at Google

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