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Feb 7 2022

💡 This week’s newsletter will highlight:
“ 6 Employee Benefits at Google ” !

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U.S. accuses Google of abusing monopoly in ad technology

The U.S. Justice Department accused Alphabet Inc's (GOOGL.O) Google on Tuesday of abusing its dominance in digital advertising, threatening to dismantle a key business at the heart of one of Silicon Valley's most successful internet companies (Bartz & Shepardson, 2023). 


Google’s parent company, Alphabet, said it plans to cut 12,000 jobs

It is the recent tech giant to reduce its workforce amid economic concerns. The job cuts amount to about 6 percent of the company's global staff. Sundar Pichai, Alphabet’s chief executive, said the company expanded too rapidly during the pandemic, when demand for digital services boomed. Amazon, Meta, Microsoft and Twitter are among others who have announced thousands of job cuts (Satariano & Grant, 2023).



Amazon’s Moonshot Chief has joined Madrona Venture Group as a venture partner

Seattle’s largest venture capital firm has hired its second former Inc. executive, Babak Parviz, in four months, deepening its ties with the e-commerce giant. Madrona was co-founded by the late Tom Alberg, an early investor in Amazon who served on the company’s board for more than two decades (Day, 2023).

Newsletter part 2 highlight:

Employee Benefits at Google


Second Medical Opinion Benefit

For employees’ health and wellness, Google provides benefits like a second medical opinion benefit which means additional advice or diagnosis from other doctors. According to an employee who benefited from this, the process was so efficient that her doctor came back to her within 24 hours and the second opinion came in less than one month.


Student Loan Program

To ensure employees’ financial wellbeing, a student loan program is available at Google. “One of the amazing things about working at Google is this benefit where you get your education subsidized, whether you're in school currently, or you've finished your education”, said a researcher in the Google Cloud space, “I was able to pay off this private student loan that I had been grappling with for years.”


Flexible Work and Personal Support

The extended parental-care leave provided to parents at Google enables them to balance their work and personal life. The flexible working periods offered during the pandemic and personal matters allow employees to look after themselves and their family.


Baby Bonding and Carer's Leave

Google makes sure that it gives both parents time off at home before returning to work to show support and care for employees’ families. Fathers are provided with a 6-week parental leave and mothers an 18-week parental leave. In some offices, this perk extends to cater to both parent and child. There are high-quality onsite daycare facilities with tailored learning plans for the children.


ERG Buddy Program

To connect its newcomers to this community and contribute to their personal development, the ERG buddy program is launched. Google pairs new hires who are in ERG'S with mentors who are also in that same ERG. Also, Googlers are welcomed to various interest groups.


Extra Benefits

Addition to the perks mentioned above, Google has inspiring workspaces, meals and snacks, fitness center, massage program and ergonomic support program. It also holds workshops such as home fitness, wellness and cooking classes. Other programs like art projects, Talks @ Google, legal services and the dogs of Googlers are also parts of Googlers’ welfare.

Last Words

When it comes to perks and benefits, most employees mentioned that they feel privileged to be working for the company, and that Google maintains a very good relationship with its people. The culture in Google is to support and care for everyone both physically and emotionally.

Want to know about how a happy software engineer works at Google? Check the interview clip below!

Video Interview:

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Interview with Alex -- Software Engineer at Google

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