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Nov 29 2022

Data role: job-hunting tips 
(Before you get an interview invitation)!

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Elon Musk reset expectations of Twitter Inc. employees this week (Nov. 17) when he demanded that they pledge to work “long hours at high intensity” or leave the social-media company he recently bought.
The explicit ultimatum is consistent with the hard-driving approach that has helped Mr. Musk build some of the world’s most valuable companies.


Artemis I Mission Starts Smoothly With NASA’s Historic Moon Launch

NASA’s Artemis I mission took a big step forward in the early morning hours Wednesday with a historic rocket launch that set the Orion spacecraft speeding toward a lunar orbit.
The mission is part of NASA’s Artemis program, which aims to create a sustained human presence on the moon and push on to deeper-space operations. No one has touched down on the lunar surface since 1972.


Data role: 5 job-hunting tips


Be Clear About the Goal of Job-hunting

You might currently be looking for a summer internship or a full-time job, but you might need to consider your goals and following steps. For example, if you have no coding background and limited work experience, you might want to gain data-related experience to prepare you for your future full-time job. Thus, you need to think a step further from the perspective of making this internship a supportive experience of your full-time job.




Set Daily Goals

Treat your job-hunting as a project because it takes time. You can also break down your job-hunting project into several tasks such as resume editing, resume sending, skill enhancement, networking, etc. By setting goals and celebrating each small achievement, you are well aware of your job-hunting process and confident to continuously make further progress (Gupta, 2021).


Don’t be Afraid to Apply

Don’t worry about whether you are qualified enough when you WANT to apply for a job. As long as you meet most of the qualifications, just submit. Let them make the decision on whether you’re qualified, don’t do their job for them (Blanchard, 2021).




Work on Getting Experience Concurrently

Note that many tasks are concurrent, so you might want to continuously make progress in each of them, especially concurrently work on ways of getting experience. It might not help right away, but in a couple of months when you’re still applying, you’ll feel much better if you’ve made some progress on a project that will make your applications stronger (Blanchard, 2021).

Video Interview:

Reach out to industry Professionals

Interview with Allen chang --Data Scientist at Google


Keep Yourself Informed

Connect with industry professionals or get yourself a mentor. Then be open to their stories, knowing about what skills you should have, what requirements jobs in this field demand, and sometimes they even help you avoid mistakes they may have made on their own path (Data Analyst Job Search Tips & Best Practices).

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