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Club Weekly News
NOV 15 2022

💡 This week’s newsletter will highlight:
“ How the Media Industry Uses Data” !

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For the first time ever, Apple has raised prices for its TV+ and music streaming

Apple increased prices for its music and TV+ services for the first time, citing rising licensing costs, a move that risks giving rivals an edge in a fiercely competitive streaming industry (Gurman & Bloomberg, 2022).


Disney CEO Bob Chapek Wants to Customize Fan Experiences

Disney chief hopes to unite personal data behind company's parks and streaming services to give customers a better experience in the park, “because we know what your preferences are in terms of viewing and a better experience on Disney+ because we know what your affinities are” (Whelan, 2022).



Amazon Is Leaning on Its Data Clean Room to Spur Ad Tech Growth

The Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), which emerged from beta last year, is at the beating heart of Amazon’s advertising ambitions. Amazon touted the product, which is its answer to a homegrown data clean room, at its Amazon Ads unBoxed conference in New York City on Oct 26 (Hercher, 2022).

Newsletter part 2 highlight:

AI-Driven Use Cases for Big Data in the Media Industry


Predictive and Prescriptive Insights

Enterprise AI solutions are critical to the development of predictive and prescriptive insights using big data. Predictive insights are generated by feeding data into an AI application that has been trained to forecast potential outcomes based on input variables.



Data Management

Enterprise AI solutions with multi-platform integration features can streamline and automate the process of aggregating data from multiple sources into a centralized repository and normalizing the data to prepare it for analytics.


Content Optimization

Enterprise AI solutions can help media companies forecast audience demand and assess the revenue potential of various types of content. 



Distribution Strategy

Enterprise AI solutions can help by normalizing the unstructured data in these documents, allowing data scientists to perform searches or run analytics on media licensing agreements.


Churn Mitigation

Enterprise AI solutions can use predictive modeling to anticipate when a subscriber is likely to churn and reach out to them with a personalized offer or recommendation that encourages them to re-engage with the platform. 


Video Interview:

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Interview with Allen chang --Data Scientist at Google

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