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Club Weekly News
May 10 2023

💡 This week’s newsletter will highlight: 
Leading Companies Innovation Among Different Industries       
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The Financial Express: “How innovation in oil and gas extraction paving way for a new futuristic model”

Innovation in oil and gas extraction is leading to the development of a new model that combines traditional energy sources with renewable ones, according to experts. Techniques such as carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) and hydrogen production are allowing the industry to move towards a more sustainable future. The integration of renewable energy sources with traditional ones is being seen as a way to transition to a low-carbon future without compromising energy security. (Agarwal, 2023)


Investors: “Adobe Dives Into Generative AI Market With New Software Tools”

Adobe announced the addition of new generative AI capabilities to its Creative Cloud software suite, allowing users to quickly generate and customize designs with the help of machine learning. The new features include pattern generation and customization tools, as well as AI-powered color matching and font suggestions. Adobe aims to simplify the design process for users, enabling them to create personalized designs more efficiently. (Seitz, 2023)




The New York Times: “Google Releases Bard, Its Competitor in the Race to Create A.I. Chatbots”

Google has developed a new chatbot named "Bard" which can generate poetry, prose, and song lyrics. Unlike other language models that rely on existing text data, Bard uses a combination of machine learning and creative writing techniques to produce original and coherent pieces of writing. Google plans to release Bard as an API for developers, enabling them to integrate the chatbot into their own applications. (Grant and Metz, 2023)

Newsletter part 2 highlight:
Leading Companies Innovation Among
Different Indust

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